10 Tropigoth Bands from Puerto Rico You Should Know

Historically, a melting pot of cultures. The perfect Darklands scenery can be found at the shores of the Caribbean island, Puerto Rico. Most of the folk have a slow/laid back attitude product of the all year-long warmth, though the city is always anxious.

It’s dystopic side includes a debt crisis called a “death spiral”, decades of political limbo and “the sticky glare of summer” (that has no place in Anton Szandor Lavey’s noir world). Such is juxtaposed against the paradisiacal tropical flora. It’s crystal clear beaches (resemble the blue eyes of a Spanish old lady) surround forests, a desert and vast mountains of rural fresh air.

The tropigoth sound expresses that social gloom that affects the locals with-out loosing that pinch of salt: all hell is about to break loose, but we just want to dance!
Join me in this sonic travel from Lajas to San Juan. Whether it’s Post Punk or Industrial, here’s a list of Puerto Rico’s Darkest Sounds!

Amore Ad Lunam
Goth Metal, Rock & Roll
Their first release Dark Romantic Era is a blend of Fields of the Nephilim, Billy Idol’s attitude, The 69 Eyes and the unapologetic love-metal genre. Heart-felt, poetic lyrics are born from solitude and performed with depth.

La Morgue
Goth Rock, Post-punk, Rock & Roll
Four Creeps born from the ashes of Puerto Rico’s punk-rock decadence playing Spooky music. A fusion of death and sex that will make you dance.

Post-industrial, Rhythmic Noise
Question everything you know. A conceptual project shouldn’t be missed! Especially the live performances.

Daniel Blasphemy
Industrial, Dark-wave
Sometimes harsh industrialized sounds reminiscent of early Psyclon Nine, other times subtle Otto Dix-esque emotions. All over powerful.

Avant Lust
Trip Hop, Ambient Rock
Subtle, sensual, electronic ambient rock. New release will be out this Sunday, July 5!

Madd Blake and the Stalins
Rock & Roll
As copy pasted from their tumblr: They “Merge the confrontational and DIY ethics of the early punk movement, the sex appeal of the 50’s and 60’s garage and rockabilly sounds and the obscurity of the 80’s underground post-punk”.

Lust Era
Post-Punk, Cold-Wave
Tropical cold wave act with a tropidark cult following. Check out their unique and VERY limited edition physical copies.

Psychedelic, Dreampop
Audio Visual, Layered, Addictive. Their last EP release, Thralls To Strange Witchcraft is mother of some amazing videos such as this one:

Indust​rial Rock
This is the solo work of musician, Angel Santiago. Each track is like a poem of bittersweet angst. Influences sound like Nine Inch Nails meets Latin electronica.

Burning Face
Post-Punk, Goth Rock
Pioneer of the darkest sounds the island ever made. Atmospheric melancholy with early Nick Cave influences. Fellow collectors, their 1997 release, Noos can be found at Amazon (2 copies). Here’s a Live video from the 90’s.

If you travel to Puerto Rico and one of these is playing a live show, go check them out. Trust me, I’m a local.
Curious about the Black Metal Scene in Puerto Rico? Check out this post by La Cueva del Krampus.

If you’d like to add a band I’ve missed, share it with us in the comment section.

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  1. Un.Real originally from Isabela Puerto Rico is a Shoegaze / Post Rock band. This month they are playing a show to commemorate their 20 years of existence. Isabela con delay! Join us on July 24 at El Local in Santurce that will include a limited cassette at the door for more info log into our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/un.realonline

  2. Great post! So cool you took the time to present interesting bands that might not be so well known on the other side of that grand ocean. 😀 I confess I am lazy when it comes to searching for new bands and now I am definitely going to check these out!

  3. Dos bandas muy importantes que no estan aqui son
    1. Razor Sun no estan activos (Industrial/Goth) para el 2006 vi varios shows de ellos Dada la keyboard player para el 2014
    se presento como segunda voz y coros con la banda LA MORGUE en el Show de Los MISFISTS en Bahia Urbana Nov 1 2014 y luego en varias presentaciones en vivo ahora reside en New York siempre sera amiga y querida por LA MORGUE.

    2.Psycho Tales banda Horror Punk
    llevan desde 2005 o antes tocando y estan activos la voz de Frances y las melodias de bateria y guitarra te remontan a un viaje del buen horror punk y la ola española . Personalmente una de mis favoritas de la isla.