10 Halloween Makeup Transformations

Hungry Deathrock Creature

Halloween is a very dear season to me. Since I was five (years old) I was looking forward to the candy, the postcards, the costumes and the Unexpected Darkness. How could you not indulge?

As the years went by, Halloween became a time for putting makeup faces on other people and generally helping with spooky related events! Some years became rather hectic, so I started creating my Halloween costumes very fast paced. I pick a theme, look up inspiration and build something based on things I already own. I guess it’s easier when your motto goes in the lines of Everyday is Halloween. XD

Here are a few make-up transformations I’ve done on myself using the problem solving method below. Looking back helps those creepy, creative juices to start flowing!
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Zombie Girl

Half Skeleton

Blue Rococo Inspired Makeup Sketch

Sketching on my face and trying out ideas for #halloween. #skull #makeup

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Voodoo Skeleton Face

The School Girl that poked her Eyeball with a Pencil

Sing to me! #phantom #costume #halloween #makeup

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Phantom of the Opera

Clubkid Inspired Costume

Zombie Aberration: Party at my college dorms

Last picture of Lucyfaux. #makeup #trasformation #character #mua #darkness #lucifer

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I’d love to know who are you going to transform into this Halloween? ♥

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