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Naelle Devannah
Decadent creatrix, hailing from a phantom island. Inspired by hyperopia and delusions. Sharing visions through photography.
Obsessed with visions and visuals. Nostalgic for 90’s darkwave music and general audiophile of eerie sounds. Dissident, pessimist in disguise, unbeliever.

Released the Tropical Darkness Collection (2015). Published the book Trajes Blancos (2011). Features include Sparks by Zuleyka Robles Avilés (2015),  Gothic Noir Magazine (2012), Revista Cruce (2012), Darkfaery Subculture Magazine (2011), Exprésate (Featured in TV show as a painter in 2006) as well as other paper magazines and webzines. I’ve also participated in several gallery exhibitions such as Marginalia (2013), Políticas del Cuerpo en el Siglo XX (2012), 1er Certamen de Arte Contemporáneo (2011), Medio de Visión e ideas (2009), among others.

I’m currently freelancing for creative works such as design, illustration, make-up and photography.

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