3 Paper Scrap Watercolours

All of these were done in old watercolour scrap papers I found in my room. I was lucky enough to have saved them 10 years ago. As an update in art tools: I finally bought some Arches paper from Amazon as well as a watercolour paper sketchbook (and a few other supplies). The package arrived last Friday!

This last one was inspired by Purushu Arie who’s a talented artist and blogger from India (and you should check out the site linked!) It’s awesome!

The first two are up for grabs if anyone is interested in collecting originals. Proceeds will go to my Work-Tools Fund. I’m aiming at getting a new laptop sometime this year since the one I’m using just resurrected and is near extinction, again. We’ll see! *crosses fingers* 🙂

Don’t forget to share. ♥

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    1. Thank you so much Laura, so flattering! ? I really love blues and purples, those shades feel quite natural. This week I challenged myself into using green shades and I’m struggling a bit! ?