Árbol de limón + Árbol de uva azul

♣ A few pictures I took before the sun got fully hidden yesterday.
♣ I’m posting them here because I’ve got nothing else to do with them.
♣ The scratch disks are full so I can barely use Photoshop on this computer
♣ My laptop is still dead
♣ Now you can see my blue afro.
♣ The weather is nice over here. 🙂
♣ This is probably my last post of the year.



The end of a decade is to come.

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          1. I’ve had them before, for three years, and the last time they were painful and itchy for the first month (I did them myself). This time a friend did them for me, and he is quite talented, so they were the most cumfy things in the world! It was like wearing a fuzzy hat all the time 😀