Atrocity & Leaves’ Eyes 2014

A mega post from the gig I attended last weekend (pictures and videos). I was pretty eager to go see both bands for the first time. I grew up listening to some of their songs.

The people:

This band really enjoy themselves on stage! With a large repertoire that includes their death metal classics and their industrial influenced tunes (were two girls are selected from the crowd and become gogo dancers), there was something for everyone in the pit. I secretly wished they played Taste of Sin (that song is a guilty pleasure of mine) but I’m pretty stoked they played new songs from their latest album Okkult (my personal favourite). There’s a lot of energy going on in their new material, the crowd agreed.

:Leaves’ Eyes:
Imagine my joy, to finally see Liv Kristine (Leaves’ Eyes, Theatre of Tragedy) one of my all time favourites ladies in metal. She’s got amazing stage presence, she’s incredibly beautiful and has the voice of an angel. The fans (like the kid beside me who accurately sung her high pitched notes) were not let down.

The Videos:

Great show and great friends. Thanks to Melek Music for bringing these Vikings to our tropical island. ♥

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