Babylon Rising Festival

So I had been waiting for this show since January, Rotting Christ being one of those classics bands you grow up listening to in school. Little did I know that I would get to see them right here in this motherfuckin’ island. Let me mention that even though this week was full of rock and metal shows (last Friday night was Iron Maiden’s concert, among others) many people got the guts and money to come to see these Greek masters.
The festival lineup consisted of: INFERNAEON, GENERICHRIST and DEATH LEGION. It all started with an epic performance by San Juan’s DEATHLEGION. Check them out, they seem promising! Followed by Generichrist’s trash/death metal and Infernaeon a band that I did not see perform since I went out for a while with some friends to a bar where we got checked by the police due to some police block that took place at the barra mala-muerte* (*bad-death bar).

Socially it went quite nice during the show. I got to see some people I hadn’t seen in a while, I also got to meet (finally!) other meaningful people. Could’ve been better if certain annoying people and few lame/awkward moments had been avoided. And surely if other friends I was expecting had come. But yes, it was an overall great time!
Sakis Tolis and Giorgos Bokos seemed pretty nice people, but it was the drummer Themis Tolis who actually
told us a few anecdotes, like for example that he got a coqui taíno tattooed on his finger, that they went to Culebra (a nice little island that, that’s part of P.R. which I’ve never visited) and that they had to take four planes to get back to Greece today (as I write). I didn’t had any chance to meet bassist Andreas Lagios. But a few friends did.

Sadly I’ve never been a fan of the sound quality for metal shows in La Respuesta. The sound wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t amazing either. Perhaps some volumes where to high. The acoustics of the place are not the greatest. The good thing about the place is that it is not so big nor too small. The metal scene here in Puerto Rico is not so huge, so shows get to be very intimate. Everyone in the public have space to get creative with their head-banging.

The show seemed short, but I think they played an hour. Most of the songs were from the new album Aealo, the most “commercial” album to date, funny to say something like this since they are such a famous band in Greece. But they gave such a great performance that they proved their quality as a band. Showing much exhilaration during their presentation, rushing energy to the public. I stood headbanging throughout the last half of the concert. Specially during Demonon Vrosis! Loved the guitar melodies played during that amazing song! Then I screamed my lungs out for Noctis Era. That last album seems to me like it was made to be played live, it makes you feel EPIC. But they should at least tour with someone that sings the female backing vocals, to give more texture to the songs when played live. Now I can barely move my neck (thank you)… I’d love to see them again, along with Scepticflesh!
Those that really love Cristo Podrido* (*Rotting Christ), new and old fans… we all had a blast! These four men rocked our socks and our black shirts! I know this, because I was there watching them. m/

After the show:

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