Between Mountains: Utuado, Puerto Rico

Greetings from my home-town.

Found myself between routines until I received a visit from Ray. An improvised adventure was born between mountains and lakes. Two adventurers trying to find a forest, even though we were in it most of the time. Here are the photos from a beautiful time in this tropical paradise at Utuado, Puerto Rico.

We tried to find the entrance to Bosque Rio Abajo… found this view instead.
So there’s actually a floating gate to the left?

Hipster/Touristy-Pictures at some mountain.

But, who the fuck is Tita?
The northern road of the Parrot.
I’m just a local. BTW: Yes, this is a new hair dye concoction!
Lago Dos Bocas, Utuado, Puerto Rico
Lago Dos Bocas
We took the ferry
Herons branch Club

Utuado, Lago Dos Bocas
A view of the lake, from the ferry.
Another mountain at sunset. Pretty close to where I live.

The healing properties of ecotourism are vast. It’s a pity I can’t practice it as much as I’d love to and scream “I’m going on an adventure“.
Until then, I hope everyone is enjoying a cozy winter/or energetic summer. ♥

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