Style: Birthday Girl

I celebrated my b-day along with some of my friends!
This is what I wore and some pictures from that day.

I took pictures of Liz’s outfit for her lookbook.

I finally wore this dress I got last year during Christmas at Seven by Lu. Paired it with leopard tights and my leopard creepers (by Demonia) that my beloved got me two birthdays ago. I’m also wearing a bracelet Liz gave me that day ^^

You can hype this at my lookbook πŸ˜€

These are some of the gifts I got from Liz, Samari, Nahir, Carmen, mom and myself. I’m so grateful.

Hector, Liz and Carmen

Liz, ponte el cinturΓ³n!

The girls and the driver β™₯

We went to an Asian buffet to grab some dinner and ended the night at the movies. I’m overjoyed to have spent quality time along my friends. I love them! β˜†οΎ

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  1. Dear,
    You REALLY are that kind of human capable of transforming water into wine and pebbles into diamonds!
    Beautiful Good Witch!
    Love you! β™₯

  2. So what day is your birthday? Mine is on the 25th of May XD Please tell me we’re birthday twins haha! You look amazing by the way, and I obviously love your crazy hair. Thanks for coming to my blog, I like it very much here and I would have never found it out if you didn’t pass by! Thanks thanks thanks!

    1. Aww thanks to you, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now :3
      My birthday is on the 13th, though I have two friends that celebrate on the 25th πŸ™‚
      Big hug Elisa, thanks for reading β™₯