Blippo Review

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing awesome. I got caught between Midterms and the whole chaos that Halloween brings. After my spooky vacations, I’ve come back to the blog with more energy and -you guessed it- an awesomely cute post.
Look what I just got in the mail! Blippo sent me a bunch of adorable things to review!

Blippo has a huge selection of cute products. I first heard of them trough the Kawaii Box Subscription service (you can read my blogpost about the Kawaii Box here).

The shipping was fast. It was like joy travelling inside an envelope!
So let me show you what I got (in detail!):

My new NANAL Little Boo! Table Storage is already filled with all my dread project materials! It was easy to assemble.

This round Hello Kitty Bag Charm is super cute!

This is the Meiji Gummy Roll Cake Candy
It was so delicious (pineapple flavoured) and fun! I wanted to take more pictures but it smelled so good I had to eat it right away.

They also included this gummy Keychain. I love it!

Here are some of my current favourite things available at Blippo:
(click on the picture to view actual item)

I’m a chocoholic/candy lover. Blippo’s Candy and Snack Catalogue is a dream! They have a huge selection of Pocky!

Chocolate Shaped Mirrors? Much Yes! Perfect for those lipstick reapplications on the run (after eating chocolate?)! And the camera bag is adorable!

Speaking of cameras… can you spot the cameras on that Deco tape? So cool! Also, OMG Ice cream note pads FTW!

Absolutely necessary Maneki Neko mugs for hot chocolate! And this Snorlax Plushie to sleep with.

This list will serve as my wishlist! 😀

Let me know what you think of Blippo. What would you get?
If you loved this post, keep an eye for a sweet surprise! ♥

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  1. So much cute! I love all of the things on the Blippo page but have never ordered from them hopefully when my economy is better I will get to order from them finally. I have that same Hello Kitty but not as a keychain as a medium sized plush I love how she looks all roly poly instead of as her usual self.