Carmen’s Birthday Week

It feels like we’ve been celebrating Carmens’s birthday all week! It’s been an awesome experience for all of us. On Saturday we went to the river, ate a bunch and travelled around the island and yesterday we finally paid tribute to a new year in Carmen’s life along some ice cream. Here are some pictures I took with my phone (because I forgot to take the camera) but are nonetheless great bits of memories.

On Saturday, we arrived to Carmen’s Birthday Gathering at a wonderful place surrounded by nature. There was some rain in the atmosphere but as we went to the waterfall and eagerly got in an sun came out. Most of us were first timers at a waterfall (and a river). It was so much fun! Carmen took some of the group pictures below.

After showering in the waterfall, we went to gather with Carmen’s awesome family and ate. Later we played with water guns. We had a War in the river and teamed up with the kids until the night had fallen and it was too dark to see. Finally we sang the Happy Birthday song and went on a nice trip to Liz’s city.

On Thursday we took the train and went for some Ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s and ended up singing many Birthday songs mixed together as we danced on some stairs.


You can see Carmen’s birthday celebration from last year here with tons of pictures from yet another adventure.
Carmen, we love you! May the best come your way ahora y siempre! ♥

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