Style: The Suitcase

I want to share my experience on how I learnt to prioritise my goals without stopping my love for alternative style. A story about a suitcase and a no buying spree.
As a disclaimer, I’m not saying you must go this route, this is just the way things worked out for me.

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Style: Minimalist Goth

Minimalism in style is quite easy to grasp, specially when your wardrobe is achromatic and stripped to essentials already. However, the term Minimalist Goth may seem like a juxtaposition since Classic Gothic garments are quite elaborate. But as a creative, style choice the idea is absolutely possible.

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Façade: Moon Monday | Glitter Goth Makeup

It’s Monday and to celebrate the Moon, here’s lots of glitter to spice up the day.
I was inspired by the colours of moonstones. Hence the urge to add lots of glitter (and spider lashes!) I also wanted to challenge myself to use blue eye-shadow for it is the least used eye-shadow color in my collection.

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Façade: Autumnal Amber Light


This is my autumn inspired look I came up with earlier this month. I’m obsessed with the Modern Renaissance eye shadow palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’ve mostly done red and pink looks with it (which I love to death) so I tried using the yellows instead.

Hope you enjoy this collection of face pictures with no Photoshop (I miss you, Adobe :()

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Vampire Season is here: Punkrave


It’s finally October and Fall is falling in place. I sat down in front the laptop with a piece of dark, chilli infused chocolate, a bit of tea and browsed for new gothic accoutrements. There’s something in the atmosphere that makes me want to splurge, perhaps and most notably the fact that the heat is slowly becoming less life threatening and clothes make sense again!
So instead of just eyeing the cyber aisles of black clad clothes by myself, I’m taking you with me. You might just fall in love with a bunch of things as well!

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Pokemon Makeup | NYX PR Face Awards

This is my entry for the Anime Challenge proposed by the #NYXPRFaceAwards.
Every vote counts in order to keep playing in the next round of the NYX PR Face Awards. You can vote every 8hrs and help me stay in the competition, it’s your call! This is the link where you can vote FACE Awards.
Share this with your friends and let’s catch ’em all (the Pokemon and the Top 5 in the NYX competition)!

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The colour of corpse lips: Taupe Swatches

If gothic beauty trends are a thing, owning a ghoul-like lipstick is definitely one of the basics (as much as black) for those neutral days. Insert sting.
Apparently I’ve been building a Taupe Lipstick collection? Here are some swatches featuring Cruelty Free brands that rock the mysterious cool toned chocolate hues.

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Façade: Tropical Flower | Makeup Tutorial

I was wandering around my patio one rainy morning and found a plant that had purple leaves and yellow dots. The visual stuck in my head and I had to use that colour palette on something.
I decided to mix various textures and colours from my garden in order to create a new plant in my face. The end result is this NYX Puerto Rico Face Awards entry, serving you with some tropical flower realness.

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