Mab’s Drawlloween: Days 23-31

Black cats, Ghosts, Aliens… Mab’s Drawlloween Club came to an end this year. The last week was the hardest (time-wise) so I combined some of the last ideas into single concepts. Managed to finish a total of 30 promts (missed the Custom Creature). My personal challenge was experimenting more with my tools and ideas. The most important thing was creating the habit of thinking conceptually and sketching daily.

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Mab’s Drawlloween: Day 1-13


Day 1: Zombie

October is usually my busiest month but I was looking forward to experiment on a daily basis. This year, I decided to give @mabgraves‘ Drawlloween prompts a go! The amazing amount of work I stumbled across #mabsdrawlloweenclub is outstanding! I love waking up to new art, it takes me back to art school. These are my sketches and illustrations from Day 1 to Day 13.

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3 Paper Scrap Watercolours

All of these were done in old watercolour scrap papers I found in my room. I was lucky enough to have saved them 10 years ago. As an update in art tools: I finally bought some Arches paper from Amazon as well as a watercolour paper sketchbook (and a few other supplies). The package arrived last Friday!

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Vision: Pareidolia

I have been working on this short film for a while. Mainly because crashing systems and other vicissitudes got in the way. Anyway, the vision is finally here. This video was born as a celebration to different ways of seeing. Perception is a subject I’m keen on exploring in my work and wish to continue doing so.

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Vision: The Mindroom

With this project I wanted to make a personal approach to the essence of a terrible time. I re-visit the past to question and ritualize it. Taking dark emotions that are often neglected into the frontline.
I started this project during one night of May 2013 by taking impromptu pictures of the place and the things that surrounded me.
Two years later (2015) I return and fill the frame with the same spaces, allowing my current mindstate and perception create a visual contrast. Documenting a process.

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Vision: Red

Here’s a new addition to the characterization series I’m working on where I treat my own skin as a sketchbook.
I create characters based on my drawings and sketches by designing the make-up and styling, as well as the atmosphere in which they live. Finally I take these creatures in front of the camera, where they manifest.
From an impromptu process that I recorded for you (video below), Red was born.

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Mobile: As we fade, 2014

After many angering Force Close issues on my Android, I managed to create As we fade. This small series was done using my tablet’s camera to take self portraits where I felt vulnerable while being physically covered.

The post-process was done little by little. To keep myself sane, I worked whenever I had the patience to get an error on my tablet. An annoying error that would force me to start it all over again! I was using an old version of the Pixlr app.

During this constricted process I remembered how easy it could’ve been to create each image in Photoshop, but I kept struggling to blend the pixels with my thumb. Faded into everything, melting into an open space of emptiness yet reaching out.

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