Beer Coaster Show, Aguadilla 2016


As requested by friends, here are a few pictures of the awesome opening night of the first Beer Coaster Show held @beerboxpr, Aguadilla last Saturday.
The amount of work showcased was outstanding. There’s a total of 136 beer coasters filled with unique artwork from 51 artists. The coasters are displayed on a wall that was continually approached by every attendee, taking a closer look at these worlds.

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Vault: What you think you know, 2008

Dug up these from my artwork vault to showcase them on the blog. Some of these appear on the internet for the first time, today!).

I took these back in 2008, inspired by film noir and voyeurism. Thinking of self portraiture as a method for transformation and story telling. Concealed between reflections, glass, smoke or a figure; What you think you know can be misunderstood.

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Expo: Marginalia

Here’s a visual impressum of the most recent art exhibition were I’m honoured to be part of. Tons of worlds rest in book format in the Marginalia Exhibition. Some artists got the opportunity to talk about how La sala de libros raros inspired them to create new works. Illuminated manuscripts, miniatures, witchcraft, tattoos, classic book bindings, the textures of antiquity; whatever tickled our fancy became our investigation to create a new book!

Read along to find out more!

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