Vlog: Cool Hunting in Pachuca, Mx

I’m so grateful I can call Pachuca my home. July will be the eighth month that I have lived here. The city is very serene and quiet which I absolutely love. And the weather is such a joy, with very distinct seasons. Including a windy winter perfect for warm clothes and a cold, yet rainy summer.

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Gravewalk: Real del Monte English Graveyard

I had a deep desire of visiting the Cornish graveyard in Hidalgo since I was a teenage girl. My friend had gifted me some beautiful, analog photographs he took of this graveyard and I was enthralled. Thirteen years later, I finally found myself walking through the English dead and their interesting stories.

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Carach Angren, La Respuesta 2016


Due to technical difficulties (because how do you even look at digital photos with-out a laptop) this post has been delivered one month later. But whatever, I’m not even complaining anymore because this Carach Angren concert held at La Respuesta, Puerto Rico last September was too fuckin’ delightful!

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