Viewpoint: Sam Viloria

In a world where people share their success and hide their failures at all times, Sam Viloria challenges the viewer with the opposite. Unveil your anxiety and immerse into the whimsical work of this Los Angeles based, artist.
Come and feel the first interview of an all new season of Viewpoint.

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Gothic Masquerade Ball, 2015

Flyer stock from MadaleySelket

Ghouls, Witches, Tanzers, Poets, the Souless and the lost souls all gathered in what has become a yearly event for the dark hearted. Erique Jimenez draw us together with his gothic poetry show, songstress Jessy Bellerose presented her gothic metal tribute and the various Djs (Dj CytoxicX, Satamusic and myself) created atmospheres for dancing, angst and depression (respectively).
Here are the pictures of the event, just a glimpse of the ever growing local alternative scene of San Juan.

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26 Enchanting Instagram Accounts

Shout out to Talenti’s creative team.

I’ve curated 26 Enchanting Instagram Accounts that will inspire you.
Whether you browse from your mobile gadget or the laptop, you’ll love the work of these fellow visionaries. From creative daily snaps to illustration, nature atmospheres and haunting art; follow your favourites and enjoy a daily dose of awesome scrolling!

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