3.2mp Phoneography

Last day

I enjoy the instantaneous feel of taking pictures with my 3.2 mega pixels Android phone. For those days when I don’t carry my Nikon, the phone camera is the one to capture those subtle, personal moments.

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Music, an art form I appreciate immeasurably.
I wanted to share some songs but I also wanted to do another dreadlock post. Then I realized… what if I write about both subjects? So I’ve curated for you (along youtube) a “mix” featuring my favorite female musicians that have (or had) dreadlocks.

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My dorm/studio

Pictures of the place were I spend most of my time. Sleep, eat, create, study and repeat. That’s why I call it the dorm and studio, all at once. I’m moving back to my city this week, so it’s about time I had shared this.

Dorms… that small place were you probably can’t paint the walls, so you feel like you’re living in a super depressive room and there’s no smell or sound that would make the atmosphere appropriate. Or is it?

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Virtual Landscapes

I don’t know how many of you noticed, but the blog was down for almost five days! Looks like bad luck with the virtual world has been by my side this spring.

I might change my host because I can’t cope with how slow wordpress runs under Godaddy’s hands. I’ve had no issues with the domain I bought from them a few years ago, but the web hosting is dreadful. I’ve already done some research but it would be great to know some input from those reading this. Anyone recommends a blog friendly host?

Well enough talk about troubleshooting. Here a few pictures and a video to start saucing things up.

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