The Darkling Tag

Today I’m sharing something fun. Iniara tagged me to do the Darkling Tag last week and I obliged to partake the role. It was quite annoying to hear my voice for so long (during the recording and editing of the video)! I do hope you enjoy the video.

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Flash Back Friday: Fleas Navidá!

I’m literally eating cookies and chocolate almond milk as I write this, no pun intended.

I do not partake onto the general Yuletide spirit as an adult, though certainly I was raised around it. Dressing up, wrapping gifts, reading illustrated books and drinking hot chocolate were my favourite part of the season as a kid.

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5 Reasons to love Kawaii Box +Giveaway

Behold, it’s time for October’s Kawaii Box unboxing as well as a Giveaway!

If you are a long time reader, you know I’ve featured the monthly subscription service were you get 10-12 cute products every month and how much joy it brings to me. If you are new to my blog, welcome to my odd corner of inspiration (enjoy your stay!).

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