Clove smoking winter boy

Insomnia has kept following my brains once again. I’ve been acting like an utterly sick person with hopelessness. I’m tired of this; it’s keeping me away from my real expectations.

I made this to keep me company this week:

A clove in winter by *uvita on deviantART
Click-a-roo to see larger.

The more I worked on him the more I wanted to paint far away from the laptop.
I’m very happy how it turned out, but it takes too long to finish… While painting for me it’s a more heartfelt action, digital painting helps me get out of boredom and won’t leave my arms and legs green (thought that doesn’t affect me).

Yeah so I started making a raw sketch with a pen, photographed it, started experimenting with what I though was clever and yeah he took life.


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    1. ya kathy me dijo que eso es de un anuncio de tv 😀

      P.S.: quieres salir en mi video final para mi clase de video?

      P.S.: Cuanto tiempo te duran las u~as acrilicas?

      1. Jejejeje el anuncio me da mucha gracia es medio tecato pero me lo imagino y me hace reir…. 😀

        Siiiii Mariela quiere salir en Videos!!!! a Mariela No molestarle….creo…

        Pues las unas depende quien las haga las ultimas me duraron una semana y media (tremenda porqueria) pero ahy quienes me las han hecho y bah!!! hasta cinco semanas me han durado (eso si el crecimiento se ve nasty) 😀

        Me llamas chika!!!!

        Brazilian Wax …. Nice!!!!