Customized Treasure Box

or the Gilded Vintage Tool Box

This is a vintage tool box from the 70’s.  After much brainstorming related to jewellery storage, I made this little project to refurbish and transform it into a jewellery box. Inspired by past eras and adding a touch of fun with purple glitter and that campy Halloween Bow.

I used metallic-gold origami paper left overs to cover the whole box. Then added chunky gold glitter to the front of each drawer and put some purple felt on the inside to make it soft for the delicate jewellery.

The whole project was inspired by the antique store Mr.Gold (from the ONCE series) owns. He sells all these key items to each and every fairytale referenced in the show. So I made a treasure box for my own fable in which I could store my collection of hearts just like Regina.
So far from being a total geek with the Once reference, the box does hold all my bijou and silver treasures. It’s great to have the necklaces divided in each compartment without having to untangle them every day.

Excuse the terrible phone picture. This is how the box looked before. The metal was in pretty good condition.

One side of the box

Big bow and open drawers

Detail of Bow: Cats, bats and stars with Halloween glitter! Yeah!

Necklaces stay in place. Glitter matches my glitter nails. derp

The other side. ♥

How do you store your jewellery? Do you own a treasure box?

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  1. Amazing idea and beautiful result of your work ! I love treasure boxes, I have one like this but I have much moooore jewellery so I had to buy a CD holder and make my “treasure box” from it =D