cut cut cut sew

Do you know these evil artifacts?

Some of the things I’ve been making latetly (some of them I made during summer)
ugly pictures await…

The nun-dress

Hardwear mini, shown here with customized 69 eyes concert shirt

80’s Tape Shirt, made this while Michael Jackson died >.> It features fully hand painted red tapes on front. I might never wear it, but I’ll do something similar.

Pink Floyd Dress

unnecessary purple zebra shirt (made a blue one too). I might use this fabric for something else… more fancy?

green Skull cropped sweater with lace. (hand painted fabric)

White bug dress done with a $4 bucks clearance XXL shirt. Still needs some work, might paint it a darker color.

Made this last night

Possibly my current favorite piece, made it last night. I love that fabric and I wanted to make a head bow with what was left but the colors don’t stand out from my hair >.>

Can’t wait to start some sewing classes some day, things are probably soo much easier.

Oh and here is something else I made quite some time ago:

Leopard Canvas Shoes


πŸ™‚ yay…

Noticed I changed my layout πŸ˜€

More inspiration


    Y por alguna razΓ³n imaginΓ© a H. con el traje de Pink Floyd XD

    Me encanta todo, Naelle!
    Voy a ver tu layout ahora!

    1. no se por que pero pense que el laberinto es tributo a yaya πŸ˜›
      diablos pase demasiado trabajo y jamas entendi como modificar los iconos de moods asi q eso sera en otra ocasion >.<

          1. primero vi esto
            incluso abri algunos pre hechos para ver q onda y cuan compleja era la cosa (habian unos bien bellos >.>)
            ese es muy bueno
            tambien busque por google un panel de web colors

            este tambien lo habia puesto en fav… >.>

            meh se que mire un millon de cosas mas y segui combinando y dandole preview

  2. Wow aquella camisa de cucarachas la transformastes en un traje hermoso!!!!! Y mi camisa???? jejeje el layout brutal y las fotos de deviantart hermosas tambn, mira la escopeta esta en bayamon, me avisas πŸ˜€

  3. Your new classes sound like a lot of fun! I hated flash class because I guess I have no patience for flash but do learn it thoroughly so that you can make big bucks later on. I’ve never heard of Popotan I’m going to google it…… Ahhh so you’ve discovered the Magick of the Nintendo DS now you know how I feel about it. Good luck on your first day back in School.

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    Acuerdate que el miedo paraliza asi que hay que confrontar el miedo. I did things in the States I would never normally do on my own like ride the Metro or trains alone or just walk anywhere alone now that I’ve confronted that fear I feel a whole lot better about myself.

  4. Re: :/

    Most active party organizers are Radio Clandestina. Here’s the link:

    The goth community here is getting less active with the years. They rather travel around the world to go to special events and concerts. But there’s always people who lurk around in Puerto Rico, and if well advertised it can transform into a memorable event.

    Add them to your facebook πŸ™‚