Día de San Juan

Last week was el Día de San Juan. A super fun Monday spent with friends. We went to Old San Juan to do some local tourism and explore (as usual). We took La lancha from Hato Rey to San Juan and walked through el Paseo de la Princesa. Then we went inside the “Princess Prison”, flew kites and loled hard. Pictures and a video with kite flying action after the cut.

This is were we took the boat, la lancha to San Juan. Some birds had a nest.

Waiting for the lancha ride.

Boat riding was fun and cooled down the heat of the day.

We arrived to La Antigua Cárcel de La Princesa (Princess Prison), built in 1837.

Myreisa took pictures of me inside the prison were I had to contain my excitement caused by all the textures I was observing.

The great revolutionary Don Pedro Albizu Campos was one of the prisoners held in La Princesa.

La Rogativa, sculpture. Based upon a legend that tells how some praying women saved the day. (read about it here)

Finally reached El Morro.

La Casa Rosa built in 1812.

The day ended with a nice afternoon flying kites at el Morro and we headed back to our route of origin taking the lancha ride.

Here’s the video evidence!

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer! ♥

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