Dreadlocks: DIY | Dreadlocker Potion

Once upon a time, I went to the beach with my friends. I spent hours with my dreads in the water under the Caribbean sun. When I went back home, I found out my dreads had matured instantly. Not only did they look gorgeous, they also felt tighter and smoother. And so my quest begun, how could I imitate nature’s dread polishing techniques at home.
To all those young dread heads around, this is my take on making dreads lock with grace. I discovered this too late for my own good. One year after having naturally locked dreads, to be precise. If you are going to experiment with this potion, be sure to read the post first (including the precautions). Blessings to those of you who prefer and can go to the beach daily.


A towel
A hair dryer


2 cups of water
3 tbsp of sea salt
1 tbsp of baking soda
a few drops of lemon (optional)

What to do:

Step 1: Mix everything together. Pour on a spray bottle.
Step 2: Put a towel on your shoulders. Shake Well your potion. Spray and massage onto clean dreads. Twist off the excess.
Step 3: Blow dry the dreads (using hot heat). Be free.

Precautions, Tips and tricks:

+ Beware: If you have dyed hair! Just like going to the beach, this potion will fade your hair drastically.
+ If your dreads are very young you can repeat this process twice a week, or whenever you find it necessary.
+ Elder dreads might not want to do this because the dreads will get too dry. Do moisturise them.
+ You can spray the potion onto your dreads and instead of blowing them dry just go out under the sun.
+ Shampoo and clean dreads once a week if you are using this potion weekly.

Do tell me how it goes if you try this. What techniques do you use to make your dreads happy? ☥

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    1. Honestly this kind of thing is a great way to cleanse your hair. When you use more common grocery store shampoos they tend to coat your hair with waxes, like paraffin, and dry it out horribly (like Pantene or Herbal Essence). Hairdressers often use baking soda to cleanse buildup from the scalp. Not to mention most people who choose to dread their hair are extremely clean. Clean hair dreads best. AND you can comb dreads out with enough patience and conditioner. If you ever have questions check out ragingroots.com or KnottyBoy.

  1. Because of how drying all the ingrients are, you really shouldn’t leave this mix in your locs more than a day. I always recommend at least a thorough rinse within 24hrs. Otherwise, the spray continues to dry your hair more by the day.

  2. Put my brush down today and am starting my natural dread journey. While I do live by the beach, it’s still tough to get out there every day. This will be an excellent alternative. Thank you for this.

  3. What do you use to moisturize your dreads? Mine are more mature now and extremely dry. I’ve been afraid to use conditioner for fear of buildup. What do you recommend?