DIY Fairy Kei Vans

They match my Betsy Johnson socks!

This is a little project I did to customize these old sneakers, some acrylic paint and of course my favorite tool: nail polish! After painting them thoroughly and letting them dry I sprayed a little bit of clear sealant. After a pair of new shoelaces… behold my kitsch foot-candy.

This is how they used to look. This was after cleaning them prior to painting.

These chunky Vans have been with me since I was 14. The white leather used to turn bright pink when the sun recharged them. I wore them to death back then. So back in summer I found them and decided to give them a makeover. Those that know me personally might now that I drool over Fairy Kei/Pop kei style, so it’s no surprise these are totally inspired by it. Now they are super pastel and colorful (Iridescence included!), somewhat odd in my usual wardrobe, but definitely a nice detail for those happy days.
Since my camera broke I never got to photograph the sneakers after painting them, until now. So after many walks during 2012 here they are, still looking pretty bright, but not as clean as they were. 😛

How many of you are still the same shoe size since teenage? ♥

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