Dreadlocks: Wanted for ART Project!

I’m working on an art project that involves dreadlocks and you could be a part of it. Keep on reading for more details.

Here’s a copy of the text I have circulating around the web:

Hello everyone,
I’m working on an art project that deals with the memory within dreadlocks. Once you cut your dreads, you leave traces of your memories in them.
I had cut my dreads last year and started this project. Here’s a link to the start of my project: http://blog.devannah.com/dreadlocks-the-cut/

The dreadlocks will be my medium (instead of paint) to create various ‘sculpture-like’ objects that will serve as memory maps. I will be sewing the dreads (each full head individually) to create organic shapes. My mission is to be able to find various -full head of dreads- before October 2014. And create a memory map from each donor.
I will document the process using photography. The final works will be shown in an art gallery in December 2014.

I’m asking for people who are going to cut or have cut their dreads to donate them and send them to me via post mail.
☻ Preferably in an envelope.
☻ Make sure they are clean.
☻ I will pay shipping fees.
☻ Please include a note with the following information:
How long you had them? For example: “6 years”, “2 months and 2 weeks”, ect.
☻ Optional: You can add a little paper with information you’d like to share about your experience with dreads or why you had them done?
I will be making updates of the art project on my blog so you can follow up what I’m making.
Here’s a link to my blog: http://blog.devannah.com/

If you’d like to know more of this project or would like to donate just email me at: devannah@gmail.com so we can further discuss address and shipping.

Please share! ♥

Do share this with people you know who might be interested. Thank you!

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