Expo: Marginalia

Here’s a visual impressum of the most recent art exhibition were I’m honoured to be part of. Tons of worlds rest in book format in the Marginalia Exhibition. Some artists got the opportunity to talk about how La sala de libros raros inspired them to create new works. Illuminated manuscripts, miniatures, witchcraft, tattoos, classic book bindings, the textures of antiquity; whatever tickled our fancy became our investigation to create a new book!

Read along to find out more!

For starters, here’s the promotion for the event:

See details of my books: Tácita/Taciturna and Mantarraya.

These books were created during the Art Book course that the University of Puerto Rico Recinto de Rio Piedras (UPRRP) offers with Professor Nestor Millán. The exhibition was curated along Professor Aura T. Diaz who is the director of the Libros Raros Collection (available at the José M. Lázaro library). The “Odd Books” room was the same collection that inspired the selected books in the exhibition.

There are many more pieces at the exhibition. This is just a glimpse of how the opening of the activity went that afternoon. Within each crafted world our eyelashes (and hearts) got blown away! It was the start of an inspiring journey… full of wonder! 

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  1. You guys have some really awesome art exhibitions in PR thank you so much for sharing! I almost felt like I was a part of it viewing all those lovey book designs. <3