Façade: Blue Echo Look + Makeup Video

Apparently I was feeling adventurous the other day because I finally recorded myself putting on make up. I bought Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Echo as soon as it was in stores. It is described as a “satin, navy blue”. Behold my first makeup related video, where I tried to do something inspired by Echo.

*Complete list of products used are available on the video.

The lightning in the video sucks, but I hope it entertains you a bit. I choose some of that lame royalty free youtube music so the video doesn’t have the viewing issues I always end up getting.

As you can suspect, I’m obsessed with Kat Von D’s products. I’ve been literally coveting lipsticks from her line for months. So when I saw a post on Instagram featuring the new liquid lipsticks I ran to my nearest Sephora and emptied my make-up saving jar. I also got the Five Fearless Years Limited Edition Tattoo Liner which will donate $1 from every sale to benefit the California Wildlife Center.

With so many great make-up brands nowadays it’s easier to choose what companies you want to $upport. Brands that share your ethics (cruelty free or vegan brands for example), brands that have wonderful conceptual designs (Too Faced’s cute candy-like packaging) or brands with inspiring CEOs (Shrinkle from Sugarpill).
I’m glad I jumped into the KVD make-up rage because not only the products are good, they’re also sorted within ethics I support, the design is beautifully dark, and there’s something about the concept of the company and the overall artful persona of Kat that ignites my love for obscure aesthetics and a creative lifestyle.

My blue lipstick collection keeps growing. Blue is a colour that I always revisit in my life, perhaps because it makes me feel tranquil, confident and unyielding.

What’s your favourite lipstick colour?

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  1. Love this! Echo suits you so well 😀

    I can’t decide my favorite lip color… D:
    My everyday color is either pink or red, but I love purples too. And teals (because teals with my skintone = love).

    1. Speaking of everyday colors, that LunatiCK Cosmetic Bruja screams Nimon. And Phyrra had a nice review for it. 😛
      Also, it’s true teals and you 0___0 *loveee*

  2. I too adore blue lipstick, alas i currently have only two and another one of them is more like a lip gloss one wears over white lipstick to really show the blue color. >_> I actually didn’t really like blue or accept that it actually looks good on me until I was 19 years old. I guess it was because it was my mother’s favorite color. 😛