Façade: Catacomb Kittens

Hello delirious readers. I’ve been ailing for the past three weeks. My desire to deposit my heart into the world wide web had faded until today. Inspiration lingers around but lack of energy rules my pneuma.
However, the weather decided over my work flow. At last it was cool enough to fire up my laptop and recharge my power levels.
Speaking of recharge, I spruced up the blog’s layout. 😀

You know that burgundy-maroon-taupe phase people go through during fall months? Well, I’m totally living for it. Here’s a look I did weeks ago, before asthma arrived to the scene.

Lipstick is Kapow by Colourpop.

Close-up of my eye make up, mainly featuring Colourpop‘s Central Perk and Stereo on the center of the lid and on the lower lash line (with a little bit of Kat Von D‘s Metal Crush Eyeshadow in Danzig).

I went to the drugstore and bought this Jordana Cat Eyeliner in Caribbean and decided to try it as soon as I got home. I had been coveting the liner since last year, mostly attracted to the name and how perfectly this metallic turquoise matched my hair at the time. I’m in love!

I’m excited to be able to ramble around in this whimsical corner again but… enough about me and my face! What have you been up to, any recommended make-up products or sounds?
Wishing us good health! Read you later. ♥


Hold my hand, I’ll lead you below. We’ll find an alcove and no one will know about us! We can live secretly, away from society!“*

*Click for some music!

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  1. The second picture melted my heart. ? I’m doing alright. Spring lull and all. If you haven’t yet, listen to the “Alice Isn’t Dead” podcast. It’s an interesting story.

  2. I hope that you’ve been feeling better Dear. I’m so lost I know I rarely have time to read blog posts and I’m sad that I’ve missed so many of yours. Good thing I can go back and read them. Always enamoured by your makeup/fashion looks !<3 always.