Façade: Come to my Stormy Waters I’ll lead you by

Happy New Year, everyone!!! Here’s a simple look I did last week. I was doing some errands this day but since I woke up quite early I felt like putting on a full face of make up.

The weather was nice, so I ironed my hair to see how long it has gotten since I did my big chop. I also cut my hair a few days ago. Decided to cut the ends and layer the hair a bit. I’m going to insert this mobile picture where my hair looks blue ¯\_(ಠ_ಠ)_/¯

Una foto publicada por Naelle Devannah (@viruella) el

Face Rundown:
I mixed a sample of KVD’s Lock-It Tattoo Foundation with a lighter liquid concealer to get “the right shade” since it was dark for me. I just noticed my face looks darker than my neck anyway. LOL, applying make-up in unlit places always ends up wrong for me. Anyway, I’m really loving this foundation at the moment. I’m having allergic reactions to dust and other particles on my skin lately so I want heavier coverage with-out it turning into a pool of oil.

For my eyes I used the Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye palette, which is a product I reach out to on a daily basis. Read my mini review about the palette here. I also used the KVD Tattoo Liner for the sharp wings.
For my inner corner highlight and my cupid’s bow I used BARE MINERALS READY® Eyeshadow 2.0 in Mixologist. Finished off the eye with my sample of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.

For my eyebrows I went with my trusty Anastasia Brow Wiz in Granite and Saleos from the KVD palette. I’m back to the arched brow, my attempts with the full brow were easier to maintain and youthful… but I missed having more space for eyeshadow and the razor. XD

I packed a lot of Too Faced’s CHOCOLATE SOLEIL MATTE BRONZER. To be honest, I never liked bronzer until I tried this one… must be it’s chocolate smell! I mean, it’s not like I want that sun kissed look. But I love to add a bit of depth and warmth.

For blush I used my go-to, Romantic Rose by Milani. My review for it is here.

For the lips I slapped on Doll Parts by Jeffrey Star, which could easily become a favourite for the upcoming Spring.

I didn’t make new year resolutions. I know I have to work on a lot of things to achieve anything at all. 😉
It may be a time for joyous celebration but I cant help to think that as the Planet gets older so do we.
So I raise this glass full of pixels, here’s to another spin! ♥

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    1. Aww thank you wonderful, Laura! I’m sure you can. Back in the day, too much caffeine gave me shaky hands so the trick is drinking the coffee after the liner 😛 ♥

  1. Wow, you look gorgeous on these pics! Such a lovely makeup and hair.
    I agree with you about no big New Year resolutions. It is something that may actually get me depressed and quite anxious, so I don´t really do it anymore.

    1. Thank you so much dear, Violette!

      I guess resolutions should be aimed after more abstract things like being happy or more focused. Things that one can do even before the New Year starts, instead of things that have to many variables for them to work out . XD