Façade: Tropical Flower | Makeup Tutorial

I was wandering around my patio one rainy morning and found a plant that had purple leaves and yellow dots. The visual stuck in my head and I had to use that colour palette on something.
I decided to mix various textures and colours from my garden in order to create a new plant in my face. The end result is this NYX Puerto Rico Face Awards entry, serving you with some tropical flower realness.

I stumbled upon the news that NYX Puerto Rico would host the Face Awards for the first time and with-out thinking about it too much I started to work on this makeup tutorial. This is the first time I try to narrate what I’m doing and I think it turned out funny but I hope it is somewhat helpful.

I had so much fun recording this video that at the end of the day the many technical difficulties I encountered during post production dissipated into the thin air.

I wanted to point out what I’m wearing since it used to be a shirt (from my 13 year old self) that I made into a dress. Honestly, I think I might DIY it again into something else, because it doesn’t quite fit me but I LOVE the fabric!

Until next time, keep it tropical. ♥

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