Façade: Venusian Day

It’s Friday 13, my birthday (insert #gothpoints :D). Yay, for another spin around the solar system! Earth has graced the week with showering skies. Tropical May rain is the best gift!
This is an out-take from a video series I’m working on which involves wearable makeup (the video for this one was a mess but at least I have pictures!).
This look was inspired by the colours found in Venus’ (the planet) atmosphere. I’ve been feeling this warm palette lately, which matches the hotter months that are about to collide with my heart in a few days.

#whitelashes baby!

Speaking about videos, I was in #alttalklive yesterday. You can view it here.

I’ve been working hard (even fighting my computer to death in order to render) to deliver this project to you all, so keep an eye in the upcoming months.
Until then, enjoy your day! ♥

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