Façade: Moon Monday | Glitter Goth Makeup

It’s Monday and to celebrate the Moon, here’s lots of glitter to spice up the day.
I was inspired by the colours of moonstones. Hence the urge to add lots of glitter (and spider lashes!) I also wanted to challenge myself to use blue eye-shadow for it is the least used eye-shadow color in my collection.

This make up look was intended to be a video tutorial. I managed to edit the whole thing last year, but since my laptop died I was unable to upload it to the inter-webs.

During the making of the video I was bitten by mosquitos, attacked by a bird, hit by my DIY tripod, lost a nail, had to climb a ladder in order to get the last sun rays to lit my face, heat and humidity were making sure my face was falling off, and, I was hungry! It was a pretty EPIC FAIL.
Hopefully I´ll get my hard drive back someday and maybe I’ll post the video for giggles.

Going back to my Look Conversation, I made the press on nails to match my hair but cocidentally they also matched my eternal glitter mood. I filed them into medium claws (the base was very long), applied glitter polishes and pressed on some craft glitter onto my ring finger.

I’m totally wearing a version of this makeup for a future goth night out. I know glitter is a hassle as it gets everywhere but, picture it: leaving the dance floor filled with glitter speaks of a bright night!

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