Word Spew: Graves

I don’t know why I can relate the word forever to tombs, death and such. Maybe I’ve read too many stories in which the beloved person dies and the lover says “I shall love you forever”… sort of.
It could be related to the fact that when someone dies it keeps it’s death forever. 😀
So the word and the idea mingle in my mind.

I’ve always felt an arousing love for Art and architecture concerning graves, vaults and tombs.
I can imagine myself visiting these exquisite places, imagining beautiful songs and painting faces in my head.

I found an image that captures the feeling I had as a little girl. That I could float over my sleeping body as if “I could see my self with the eyes of my soul”.

I know that this work from William Blake is not dealing with what I’m talking but… it makes sense to me. I just wanted to post this image here anyway. 😀
Yes, William Blake is admirable… His illustrations for Blair’s grave are astonishing.

Talking about astonishing things (beyond The Astonished Eyes of Evening album from Cinema Strange, oh the love!) I shall care to point out the beautiful flowers and trees growing trough the path that leads to the catacombs at Highgate Cemetery in London. There are some beautiful photographs showing the beauty of this place on the internet (dial up sucks, so look it up).

What’s interesting about all this cement, flowers and rituals is that the corpses probably don’t give a damn and that what is known as Celebration of Death is merely a celebration of life, sequences and roles that humans play to mark points in their lives, to believe that being alive is worth it.

So what is mortality? Symbols and concepts from a living mind. You see, we might not be crazy after all. We are just humans that want to do something.

“lo fu ga quell che voi sete e quell chi son voi aco sarete”
I was what you are, and what I am you will become.

I notice that I have the power to love art forever in any form. Even when the term forever is inside a hypogea; maybe forever is more compact than these underground tombs.


bad picture from a place inside the city I live
Parque Ceremonial Caguana Utuado, Puerto Rico

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  1. I really love how you write, its so poetic and serene hihi.
    I enjoyed the william blake picture you posted on my myspace =)..its really lovely. A bit of a fairy-tale quality to it.

    I also love art in any form and I especially have an interest as well for tombs, death-related themes like the macabre dance for example. You know the photographer nadar? (Photographer in the 1800s). He photographed some catacombs and its really interesting.

    A side note: That’s one thing I’d like to change on my livejournal, the “post comment” part…how do you do that?! (sorry to bug you with this =/)