Gustav Klimt Inspired

Animation of the process of a painting.

I had to paint something inspired by the work of an artist. First, I had to do some sort of copy/personal version of one of the paintings of such artist I had chosen. In this case, it was Gustav Klimt. Here I’ve chosen terrible pictures to document the paintings.

This is my My version of Judith I:

Haha, like I said in class, I like to call her the latina version of Judith I since I got carried away with make-up application. 😛 I gave this painting to my mother.

This is the inspired piece by it:

The class liked it.

The fact that they look so different in real life is such a pity. Makes me want to try going to museums and galleries more frequently and browsing less tumblr and art related sites. (not really)
I haven’t been uploading my traditional art experimentations to internet due to the lack of high quality skills I have to document paintings and such. And since most of it no longer fits the small scanner, I’m pretty much painting and hiding it afterwards.

Why Klimt’s Judith I?

I probably saw Klimt for the first time as a child but it was my mother’s love to this painting:

that eventually got me admiring his work. I also love the Symbolism Art movement and Art Nouveau… just in case I need more reasons. Thankfully he’s a well known painter and I was even sent Klimt’s The kiss art postcard through postcrossing. I also got a few art posters while visiting Chile last year.

Judith I is a gilded portrait of a woman who holds a triumphant gaze “as she holds the head of her enemy [Holofernes] by her side”.

More inspiration


  1. Puede ser que no sea tan identica tu pintura a la original, pero te felicito por que la exprecion es la misma, y creo que eso debe ser lo mas dificial de copiar, el sentimiento es el mismo y la provocacion la senti igual, Me encanta tu version y tu inspiracion, espero con ansias poder apoderarme de algunas de tus piezas de artes 😀