Halloween 2010

Before it gets old

I had a sick week so I was not really planing on going out the 31 of October, but that Sunday was being unmemorable so I decided to dress up last minute and go out to see the costumes around the venue.

Me as The School Girl that poked her Eyeball with a Pencil.

Michael had celebrated earlier this year so he did not dressed the 31.

Sama, the roomate… who though I had a spooky eye ball.

And some venue costumes for your viewing pleasures:

We met the devil!

More inspiration


  1. I absolutely adore your costume you always come up with the most eccentric, original, & hauntingly beautiful outfits. I hope that your feeling better. Some Government officials tried to ban Halloween here in Panama, they banned the Zombie walk so it’s nice to see that they are more festive when it comes to Halloween in PR.

    1. Aww thank you!
      It’s quite fun out here. though I remember going trick or treating when I was little and it was so much fun back then 😛

      Sounds soo sad to ban the Zombie walk, why would they do that?