Halloween 2013 Part 1


I know, It’s November! Halloween is my favourite season and I will celebrate it every day if I want to! Haha
This post contains pictures from Jean’s Halloween get together and the Halloween Party celebrated at my dorms!

At Jean’s house:

Demons and other aberrations! ♥

Dancing Jean and cool decorations!

Not sure what I was supposed to be. I came up with this makeup a few minutes before leaving to Jean’s house.

To die for food! (super delicious pasta!)

Everyone dancing!

Halloween Party at Torre Norte:

Along with Carmen, Nahir, Liz and Ruben!

Semaias made his own mask!

Nelson won the first prize in the costume contest.

Carmen eats sausage fingers?!

Another fast thing I came up with. It’s so easy to transform into a zombie. All I have to do is let my true colours shine. XD

I’ll be talking more about my Halloween Adventures on my next post.
How was your Halloween this year? ♥

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