Honey and Clover

So I recently watched another live action. Honey and Clover. I LOVED IT. Ikuta Toma was there, being preciously rejected once again! I saw my self in the art class rooms, painting, having a cool professor to talk to, dealing with deadlines but overall having a good time.
Though the plot seems extremely slow at first (as if it were going nowhere) with a main character (YΕ«ta Takemoto) being pretty much insignificant, Hagumi Hanamoto painted passionately and Shinobu Morita admired her art.

Speaking specifically about what connects these characters with my brain process:

+ The prodigious painter girl (Hagu-chan) reminds me of two talented girls that used to study at my university. They had an unique view of life and usually spoke in metaphors that they grabbed from clouds. I think Hagu is an overall sensitive character.

+ Morita-san made a witty statement about being a “sold-out” talented artist. I also acknowledge his act of zeal and love towards the creator of a work of art one admires. He is also the oldest student extending his graduation ever-more.

+ Takemoto, can be anyone who doesn’t know what to do with his own life because he/she lives stagnantly. What makes him fantastic? He takes a sudden jump into the adventure that life is made for by taking an old bike to run away from everything but knowing when to come back.

The J-drama may be on the soft-side with all the love triangles but it may keep you interested thanks to amusing events. For example, every time the encouraging Lohmeyer-senpai gives meat to a trio that barely earns enough money to buy food and pay their rent.

Sometimes one has to take long paths to learn the simplest things and be back on track. I really hope to be able to jump onto my bicycle some day.


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  1. Te escribo mas despues pero……..you have to see the Death Note live action movies…..& the anime preferably the Anime before or read the Manga.

    I read that you finished your semester today congratulations!

      1. I’ve been wanting to watch the Honey & Clover anime for a long while now but I promised myself that I’d first watch everything I have on my list before trying new Anime.

        =) I sort of miss being in School not so much Art School but being back in High School & taking all those English & World History courses. I hope he gives you Death Note that way we can talk about it after you’ve finished watching it.