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Puerto Rico Indie Fest, 2012

This is my PHOTOPOST about Puerto Rico’s Indie Fest celebrated last week.

My darling got me a surprise ticket that morning, what a nice start for such a long day. At the Festival I got to see Davila 666, Circo, Babasonicos and a little bit of MGMT. I had never seen Circo (I’ve heard them live because they’ve played in the street I live twice), I have been told all these myths about their presentations and they didn’t let me down; they even played one of my favourite songs in a medley “Dáñame, Sedúceme, Desnúdate”.
I was really eager about Babasonicos so I got really near the stage to take some photos. I wanted to dance to their pop tunes but people were so close to one another that I was obviously, unable to move at all. Finally MGMT arrived. I was surrounded by under-age fan girls something I found a bit VERY annoying. I was so tired that my friends decided to leave earlier. MGMT were making me sleepy anyway.
It was an overall fun night. I ended up very tired.

Paloma, Liz, Wildy and me





Found Maria and Ale!


Tired Liz

The Show is over.

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  1. Woah. Que bellas tus fotos, son las mas que he disfrutado!
    Very awesome.
    Mis botas se parecen MUCHO a las tuyas! xD (No las he limpiado…)
    Te veias tan linda (obviamente siempre), pero brujita. Tus colores de pelo me hacen feliz ahora mismo.