Summer Indulgences

Adventures of the past week in pictures.

Many sweet breakfasts

Game Of Thrones Marathon

Looking at Spiderwebs.


Lots of pizza in my body.

Pretty flowers that the sweet one brings.

Taking selfies.

Watching Ray play Infamous.

Eating sweets that Ray brings.

Cuddle Time with Tifa.

What have you been doing recently?
Did you watch the season finale of Game of Thrones? ♥

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    1. Es la primera vez que pruebo esos!
      Saben riquísimos! Ese me lo comí con un tenedor deje el chocolate para lo ultimo 😛
      Me gustaron las técnicas de comer 😀

      Ya acabe con Game of Thrones y empeze a ver Vikings. I’m liking it so far. ♥

  1. Oh! That first flower picture and the spider web are absolutely gorgeous. I just started a photography course and I can’t wait to get better at taking pictures too 😉

    1. Thank you, Marielle. 🙂
      Such good news, I’m so excited to see your future photos! 🙂
      My favourite trick is: always shoot with your heart. ♥