Kawaii Box Unboxing: August 2014

Today I bring you the cutest post I’ve ever done. The video unboxing of this month’s Kawaii Box.

There’s magic in receiving cute surprises in your mail box. This box will make you smile instantly.
You’ll be able to surround yourself with things that make you happy. If you already are a collector of cute objects, then Kawaii Box is a cheaper option of getting many niche items at once.

I hope you like the video. It’s the first one I record at my dorm room XD

I think I’m going to use that watermelon purse for make-up items. What would you save inside it?

Ah, I love anything stationary related! Specially since I love sending snail mail. That cupcake eraser is awesome.

I loved this Kracie Candy Popin’ Cookin’ Kit. I’ve wanted to play with one of these for a long time. The taste is very sweet!

My favourite items in August’s Kawaii Box are:

♥ The Lavender Macaron: I love the colour, and it looks tasty! Yummy things make me happy.
♥ The Rilakkuma Sticky Papers: With another semester of classes upon me, these can only make things better!
♥ The Panda Plushie: A cute Panda to follow me around.

But honestly, I loved everything in the Box *___*, so I’m just pointing out the things I started using right away!

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Do you like sweet surprises? 😉 Stay tuned for a Giveaway, sponsored by Kawaii Box! ♥

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