Bookinspo: Keys to Happiness

A vintage book from the 50s.

Originally a compilation of Reader’s Digest from the 1950s. I found this book within my house library and instantly knew I’d use it for my book altering project. I read most of it. Found a few of the reads very modern and interesting. Though I laughed at the majority of the extremely conservative essays. Such an ironic text was perfect for my plans. (Finished plans that you’ll see in my next post!)

The book was in fair condition.

“Be glad you’re neurotic”!

But, there is no fun in his expression.

A lovely illustration.

*insert sarcasm voice* Have you?

Typical from a Cosmopolitan magazine?

More like… “Yes, teach your wife to dress in amazing, Victorian-Gothic dresses, she will look stunning!”
It’s common-sense!

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