Livejournal VS WordPress

This is an obligatory post.

My first internet journal/blog platform was at Deadjournal (very retro).  But it was Livejournal my first true love back in 2006.  Some of you know how LJ “was my home” (I’m quoting my friend Lela). It used to be my favorite place to read from my friends and write. So many memories were created at Livejornal. It was comfy, and personal. At the time my content was a bit more random and eventually I took a specific direction to show my art, photography and everything in between. Maybe all I needed was a change of layout,  but instead I migrated to WordPress

Things I like about wordpress:

  • The widgets: now I have a lovely tag cloud on the bottom of the blog among other things
  • The stats: one of the inviting reasons to actually make the jump
  • The posting platform: very user friendly and sleek
  • I can add pages (like this)
  • The aesthetic of the platform itself, it’s pretty and clean!

Things I loath about wordpress:

  • The layouts: I adored changing my layouts in LJ! Having to pay to change a simple detail on the CSS is stupid.
  • Having to pay to use my own domain: do I really have to explain how stupid this is? I mean c’mon, WP wants to charge me for mapping the domain I already own (and pay for).
  • You have to pay a lot of $$$ for things that other blogging platforms offer for free or for less.

Things I’ll miss from livejournal:

  • the communities: I loved posting in communities… in fact I plan to keep doing it
  • the goth community within livejournal
  • gif userpics
  • Las mitocondrias: Because we used that platform before tumblr and even before I had facebook and we existed.
  • Now listening: plugin’
  • The friend only visibility option
  • Different userpics for each post

I guess that bloglovin‘ was the motivator behind my migration. It looks like everyone can play the same game, even when you have different platforms. I’ve spread my self widely through the net. Tumblr is my favourite place (definitely the most complete, direct onto the point platform I’ve used) but that didn’t back me off from instagram, and neither from the wide yet specific needs of a blog, such as this.
At the end, I just want to share my visions with someone. And they say change is good. I’m already missing LJ a bit. “Uno no sabe lo que tiene hasta que lo pierde”. But at the same time I’m so eager with WP!
The Blog Must Go On! ♥

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  1. Okayface…
    Not like I can talk, I have blogs everywhere and claim fidelity to no blog. 😛
    Also, I don’t know what WP charges you for, but I CAN, and I’ve offered you before, open an account for you at MY domain, where EVERYTHING is unlimited, including any number of wordpress blogs or whatever.
    AND, if you would want to, you can add the bloglovin link to your livejournal(s). I did! Very recently, actually, around the same time you announced this (I didn’t copy you, I swear).

    I have awesome memories of dj/lj.
    The friends I made on deadjournal are still my friends, and I feel so grateful for that… I got mine in 2001, right before starting college. I deleted my deadjournal last year, though it was an early adoptee account, because it was embarrassing. Kind of regretting it now.
    But it’s not the same, everything started to change (at least for me) around the myspace era. There was too much to keep up with, and many of my old friends stopped posting and commenting as often.

    But your blog looks great! I really adore the design.
    I have yet to learn how to tweak layouts. Haven’t bothered.

    1. I remember about your hosting and back then those thing didn’t make much sense in my head. In fact I’m not sure why they do now. But, apparently wordpress charges to simply link and run a domain you already own.

      The world wide web has changed, truthfully.

      1. Well, I dunno if we could migrate it to mine, where *I* can assign your domain name to it… and I won’t charge you. 😛
        If you ever need space, just say the word. I have so much space… the final frontier.