Mab’s Drawlloween: Days 23-31

Black cats, Ghosts, Aliens… Mab’s Drawlloween Club came to an end this year. The last week was the hardest (time-wise) so I combined some of the last ideas into single concepts. Managed to finish a total of 30 promts (missed the Custom Creature). My personal challenge was experimenting more with my tools and ideas. The most important thing was creating the habit of thinking conceptually and sketching daily.


Day 24 & 28: Creepy Trees and Ghosts
First time using one of those fountain ink pens. Not sure if I like the scratchy feeling on the paper, but I do love the precision.


Days 23 and 27: Ravens and Masked
Some sort of bloody masquerade

Day 25: Graves
A quick yet tiny idea in my sketchbook


Day 26: Aliens
Only using Ink for this one


Day 29: Black Cat
I made two 😛

Day 30: Skeleton and Day 31: Cult Costume
Right page: A Clockwork Orange Skeleton I did during Halloween night. 😀


I was definitely drawing and researching every single day of October! That explains why I crashed the first week of November.
As a reminder: Just added the rest of the drawlloween pieces to my shop. I’ll be shipping until November 14. Only one more week to order this year! ♥

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  1. I am just recently getting back into drawing, so coming back to look at these is really motivating. Your use of color is really inspiring. Loving those greens!

    Hope you’re doing well~