Medusa: Spooky Odango Bun

I need to exercise my blog muscle. Here are a bunch of kitsh pictures showcasing my take on a messy Odango bun with rolled up bangs.

The weather is getting quite hot around here and my hair is the warmest scarf I own! Whenever I manage getting it out of the way, my neck becomes a happy musical character that sings “I’ve been saved from the fiiiireee!” (I just made that up.)

Yesterday, I did this Pebbles Flinstone (personal style icon) meets Japanese Bun hair style. I think I suck at explaining, but this was quick and easy to make. Here’s some info:

★ Use dry shampoo to add volume (as if I needed more during a humid day!)
★ Make a messy top bun and bobby pin it in place.
★ Pull out some “side burns” and curl the bottom inwards. Also, take out any baby hairs and use them to frame your face.
★ My bangs are fairly long, so I rolled the hair inward and bobby pinned them to create this round and short curl-like-bangs.

I’ve been feeling the work-from-home-blues. My creative space is pretty much invisible these days but I really need to keep going, against all odds. It feels bizzare, yet the right thing to do.

Also, I know I need to get back to your recent comments (soon!). You are all in a sweet side of my mind for now. But thanks for keeping up with me around here! ♡

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    1. Hahaha 😀 Yeah, I admit I grew up watching the flintstones, with their zig zag pinking clothes and bone everything. That explains my reference. XD

    1. The other day I went walking with my hair down and returned home sweating, with a hot temperature on my body that lasted all night. Pretty horrible. I think my hair wants to kill me XD haha