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I got a bag full of goodies from to decorate my body! I’ve been pretty eager to show you some of my favourite items available at the store right now.

Among all the things I got, I want to point out that I got my first septum keeper. Septum keepers are perfect for those job interviews were “you can’t be yourself” and have to hide all your mods (as if mods made you less intelligent or productive). Note to self: Piercings in a professional environment is a great subject I should explore in the future.

This is my first silicone jewellery and it’s really soft and makes me want to squish my ears all day. This one is the Kaos Silicone Skin Eyelet in Royal Purple Pearl.

This little Triangular Wooden Flesh Plug is absolutely comfortable. Ah, the joy of wood!

This is the PMMA Double Flared Flesh Plug. I’m totally getting the set. I really love how all the colours reflect on the clear surface.

This is the Pentagram Stars Barbell & Threaded Accessories Set. It was love at first sight! So many customizing options feed the creativity.

The last purple tunnels glow under UV light! Get them here.
And those Hollow Triangular Plugs are made of Horn. I must really get the set, once I reach 12mm!

Shiny purple joy! My new septum closure ring is made of titanium. They have a wide selection on titanium jewellery that is totally worth browsing!
I’m also wearing a UV Cone Labret Stud in Clear and (right picture) I’m wearing the awesome pentagram from the Pentagram Stars Barbell & Threaded Accessories Set.

These shipped so fast! I can’t wait to place my next order. I plan on getting more clear and wood items. Don’t forget they offer free delivery when you spend over $15. ♥

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