MOD: Stretched Earlobes and Urban Body Jewelry

Body modification has existed for centuries (ask a mummy!). Decorating our bodies (whatever the reason) has become part of our identity as humans.
Look at it this way: if an alien anthropologist from outer space were doing a research on us humans, they would definitely note our body decorations, modifications and surgeries. It is an open widow to our culture, technology and rituals.

I believe that body mods are another way to create art on our body-canvas.

My piercings symbolize moments of growth, reminders of were I come from as a human and achievements I’ve gained trough my life. Apart from my hair, this is the other subject I get FAQ about. 

Last year in June 2012 before stretching. August 2012 (center image) and today May 2013.

I had my ears pierced as a baby (something I’m against and will blog about later) so my lobes were already quite stretched. I used to wear more than one earring at once for a few years. That made the stretching process seem “faster”. Last Year in July I had “officially” started stretching my ear lobes.Very slowly, I kept wearing bigger jewellery. This process is called dead stretching. My ears are still a work in progress but as today I’ve reached 9mm in size (a jewellery size of 00g).
I really recommend this guide, as it is very comprehensive for anyone interested in stretching any piercing as well as how to take care of it.


above, the Zebrawood Plugs

The Jewellery:

Are you looking for new jewellery to make those aliens more interested in our kind? ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ
Let me suggest Urban body jewelry, a store based out of California since 2010. UBJ re-launched their website recently and added a ton of new jewellery to the store including 200 styles of plugs and tunnels. They also have lip & labret rings, belly button rings, tongue rings, nose rings, and monroe rings.

They have a large selection of tapers, ear gauges, spirals and pinchers. They carry jewellery in organic materials such as wood, stone, glass, bone and horn. As well as steel, silicone and acrylic plugs.

This is a medley of my favourite ones available right now at the store:

Horn Plugs With Bone Rose Inlay

Big Gauge Bone & Horn Striped Plugs

Blue Teardrop Stone Plugs

Dark Wood Coffin Plugs

Urban Body Jewelry ships anywhere in the world and have free shipping on orders over $20 (or a flat rate of just $2 on orders under $20). To make all this even more exciting, Urban Body Jewelry is offering a 10% off their entire store to my readers. Just use code: ERA10 for 10% OFF at check out.

Do you have stretched earlobes? What is your favourite material for body jewellery? (◕▽◕)

This post has been sponsored by Urban Body Jewelry. ♥

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  1. Was a nice piece of information though but could have been more of use if you could please tell about which types of earlobes and acrylic tongue rings jewellary would best suit according one’s personality.