Moodswingsonthenet: Rolleiflex Style + Favorites

I was contacted by MoodSwings to showcase one of their tattoo artist shirts. As I scrolled down the webshop I fell in love with many designs (below I picked ten additional shirts to LOVE!). You can shop by colour, theme or artist. A really helpful guide when you find a style you love. For example, I’ve loved J Larkin’s artwork for years and Moodswings carries prints and shirts of his work!

I received the parcel quickly, and it included the art printed shirt, a MoodSwings sticker, a big metal pin with a “love peace art” emblem (that I’m going to put on my backpack) a card and some flyers.

The Rolleiflex Camera Girl by Tyson McAdoo hit right in the feelings with all that is precious to me. The shirt features an illustration of a beautiful woman holding a 1920’s, medium format camera while being inside of (what looks like a 2.8) Rolleiflex. The imagery Metatextuality is created in grayscale with a wash of blue to add visual depth.

The artwork is so fascinating that it motivated me to stroll away from my all-dark-clothing comfort zone (and the extra mile of figuring out white laundry). The quality of the shirt is superb (100% cotton fabric with a soft design touch), size runs true, the style has a scoop neck and un-cropped sleeves which make it super flattering!

I decided to pair the Rolleiflex Girl shirt with a casual blazer -which rolled sleeves have black and white stripes- and added my beloved Parálisis Permanente metal pin that has blue tones. That skinny studded belt is second-hand; it has been with me for more than 8 years (it’s so worn out feels post-apocalyptic). The pants with zippers on the ankles and big pockets look pretty sleek with my navy blue Demonia Creepers (platforms feel like the perfect alternative to wearing heels).


My Top 10 favourite Shirts from MoodSwings
(AKA Bride of Frankenstein Hall of Fame XD) Click on image to check it out at the store:

Check out their tumblr and follow them on instagram, facebook and twitter!

It’s safe to say I’ve fallen in love with MoodSwings art meets style selection of clothing (and their handbags too!)♥

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  1. Gorgeous outfit! I really like your review, it is thorough and the tone of your writing seems objective. 🙂 Those t-shirts are all so cute! I too tend to avoid buying white shirts (the laundry stuff is so annoying if there is just one white piece in one’s wardrobe!) but the one you are wearing almost makes me change my mind about white shirts! 😀