Muse: La Femme

LA-FEMMEI decided to accept the challenge and participate in this month’s The Professor’s Monthly Homework Assignment. We are all talking about ‘Inspiring Songs’. So I’m going to strip down a music video for it has become a catalyst for inspiration.

As dramatic as it sounds Music gives purpose to my existence. Music can really intensify a certain mood during art making or just while getting ready to go out. It’s vibrations can also change the energy of a space.

There’s nothing like being able to choose your own soundtrack whenever you put your headphones; hit play to your favourite track and block the tortuous human world surrounding you. Music gives you power.

In light of this assignment I want to talk about a band and one of their beautiful videos. A few weeks ago my mother shared with me a link to Psycho Tropical Berlin (2013) an album by the French band La Femme. I immediately got hooked with the sound. I’m already plotting on how to ad the CD version to my collection.

I love bands that dare to experiment and combine different sources of inspiration. I’m a firm believer that by combining ideas you can come up with something new and La Femme’s musical style has achieved this. I’d like to call it “yéyé~wave (from the post-post-punk vault)”! The Coldwave synthesizers maintain a spooky atmosphere, 60’s surf guitar keep it retro while the 60’s pop inclusion makes you want to dance and have fun.

When the music alone had been transporting me to new levels of inspiration, along came this AMAZING short film featuring the songs “La Femme” , “Interlude” and “Hypsoline”.

I cannot control my excitement about this mixture of audio-visual references. It makes you feel like a spooky Jacqueline Taïeb with accoutrements from Jonh Galliano’s 2009 Fall collection.


The video displays Avant-garde fashions, witch rituals, some sort of La Llorona (the lady in the road), a Dr. Frankenstein-esque lab scene, 20’s and 30’s inspired make-up with a bizarrely baroque party scene. References from 20’s cinema are beautifully pulled together with other eras. Did you see the erotic dancer from German Expressionist film Metropolis (1927) inspired sequence?



If you liked the above, I urge you to check out their videos for Packshot and Si un Jour, If you want more retro inspired visuals check out Amour Dans Le Motu. If you rather see a delicious live performance then watch this.

I always say: if it sounds dark, nostalgic or wicked It might be my cup of tea. I love music with a decadent twist and La Femme is definitely something I would have played during my adventures as a Goth DJ.
Speaking of the mixing days and to finish The Professor’s Monthly Homework Assignment here’s a playlist. Canalize those powerful vibrations: dance and get inspired! ♥

La Femme : Packshot

The Soft Moon : Want

Linea Aspera : Malarone

Norma Loy : 1964 shadows

Lebanon Hanover : No one Holds Hands

Die Form : Black Leather God

She Past Away : Rituel

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  1. Las imágenes, el diseño de producción, la ropa, la música… UFF! ♥_♥ ¡Me gusta mucho! Gracias por compartir a La Femme. 😀

    Espero que tus aventuras como dj no hayan terminado. 😉

  2. Oooo, thank you so much for this! What an incredible video! “Music gives you power” — YES! Wholeheartedly YES! I always refer to certain songs in my collection as the main songs in the soundtrack of my life. There’s something magical about them because they have the ability to transform the ordinary to the extraordinary by tapping into the past to reinvent the present.

    Thank you so much for participating!