Muse: The Fall of Spring

A collection of photos taken during spring until the arrival of Summer Solstice. An outer world is often juxtaposed to the inner world.

Lipsticks: NYX – Bedtime Flirt Lip Lingerie | Kat Von D Beauty – Underage Red

For a while, my days have revolved around a collection of minuscule disturbs. Each one of them can be perceived as an oddity but together, they are a plague determined to distress even the purest of heart.
I’ve attempted to perpetuate a serene and orderly pace. But my grimace grows bolder as disdain is not an option.

During the rise of such sullen days I’ve found solace within the imagined moments of silence and solitude. Trying is dying, dreaming of an outside world.

The glory of spring was here. Longer days deliver new allergies that spiral into asthma. A backache that finds solace in the company of cramps and hormonal rivers. And never forget these insect bites that swell during night time.
The heat returns. It builds up it’s condition until the sheets in which I sleep stick onto the skin. Meanwhile, my lipsticks melt. Humidity prepares the ground for mold, fungus and other often neglected specimens that may reside in a Petri dish but instead are camping in my yard. “Springtime Depression” plays in the back of my head, a memory of chords for the moths that come out to eat the doors that keep my hermit tendencies alive.

An unknown percentage of the world seems to look down on what is real, on things that feel desperate. But I keep my head up for it is natural and within ugliness there’s a whole lot of life.

Spring is a celebration for every blood pumping heartbeat until the echo fades away, floating like petals in the bright summer air. But there is no wind nor air today. Only the hazardous heatwave that leads to oblivion as the Sun hits the Northern Hemisphere. ☠

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