My Corset Story

I’m so delighted to showcase this beautiful corset from Corset Story with all of you today.

Corset Story sent me this gorgeous garment for all of you to see. They carry so many elegant gothic garments (like this shirt). The shipment of my corset arrived the third day after the order was placed.

I got the JULIA BLACK WAIST TRAINING UNDERBUST CORSET It’s stunning and very well constructed. (It’s a REAL corset, not a cheap decorative top from Ebay). Truly made to train and support your waist.

This is the description for the corset available on the website:

“This long lined black underbust corset is perfect for the waist training beginner. If you’re new to the world of body shaping, then this garment is an excellent place to start thanks to its (somewhat rare) mixture of elegance and versatility. It can be worn with many different items of clothing, giving you free reign over what you choose – either from your own closet or from elsewhere in our store.

The double layered internal steel bones are likely to reduce your waist by anything up to 6 or 7 inches, so be prepared to be amazed by how different your waist and therefore body as a whole will look.”

Above Front view. Certainly creates a beautiful shape.  I cant wait to wear it more often in order to actually train my waist. 😉
The fabric pattern is certainly dreamy.

Back view. The Modesty Panel looks wrinkly, since I got in the corset in a hurry. This was the first time in many years since I wore a training corset so it’s not too tight.

A very curious out-take from the shoot, full of textures.

Thanks to sweet-hearted Ray for helping me take the photos as well as lacing the corset for me. You are Awesome! ♥

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  1. You look gorgeous! The lace shrug is fabulous and your hair is such a snazzy bright colour 🙂 The corset looks really flattering on you. Did they send you it specifically to review, or did you order this? If Corset Story are sending you free stuff, then you are a very lucky woman!

    Seeing this worn on someone real is very useful for me right now as I’ve got an eye on this exact corset… I have this long lace dress with a side-slit on the skirt that would be really snazzy with a corset; without one it becomes a bit dull and monotonous as it’s full-body length and without any details beyond the pattern of the lace. I also have several blouses that I think would look better with an under-bust corset than a full length one… I used to wear corsets quite regularly and now I need to get back into it before I start waist-training properly, which I may do if certain other things go to plan.

    1. Thank you! :3
      I’m modelling this corset for them. I’m quite happy I got the chance to do it. 🙂
      The shrug is actually a Vest from Lip Service. I have been trying to wear it in every possible way. 😀
      If you do start waist-training it would be awesome to read all about it in your blog.
      Thanks for passing by! ♥